Content-Centric Security Across Cloud and On-Premises Data


5 Best Practices for Security in Mixed Cloud/On-Premises Environments

Managing Multiple Data Stores?

When you have terabytes or even petabytes of data under management, access governance – especially across multiple on-premises and cloud data stores – is a significant challenge.

Do you need to find data across SQL databases and cloud stores?

What's Important?

Data sprawl fatigue is real, and it can be the weakest link in an otherwise robust security architecture. When IT security professionals have too many signals to investigate, risk falls through the cracks.

Concentric finds the critical content you need to protect. Our deep learning-based data discovery lets you zero in on important, at-risk content so you can focus on solving problems, not chasing false alarms.

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Protection Without Frustration

It’s tempting to ask end users to manage access permissions for the files they own. But we know from experience it doesn’t work. End users, after all, have a day job.

With Semantic Intelligence™, you’ll accurately and autonomously manage permissions and data classification, which translates to lower risk, better coverage, and happier end users.

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It's More Than Compliance

Delivering regulatory compliance is one of the security team’s key responsibilities. But compliance is only part of the story. Proactive risk mitigation that goes beyond compliance is how to keep your organization out of the headlines.

Concentric does more than just discover content and identify risk. Our embedded tools make remediation a breeze, and we improve your existing security stack with a variety of integrated services.

Automation, the Force Multiplier

Security staff in short supply? You’re not alone. Cloud data security automation is the answer.

Our Risk Distance™ analysis technology takes labor and guesswork out of the equation. By comparing security practices for one file to similar data, we can give you insights without an army of security analysts.

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Powerful AI Technologies Simplify Cloud/On-Premises Data Security

Automated Data Discovery

Our deep learning engine gives you a content-centric perspective.

Risk Remediation

Peer-file analysis continually protects data without overhead or end-user involvement.

Zero Trust/Zero Touch Data Security

Automomous operation for continuous remediation of oversharing and risk

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