Autonomous, Content-Centric Cloud Data Security


Top 5 Cloud Data
Security Challenges

Overwhelmed By Data?

An average organization retains terabytes to petabytes of data. Spreading this content across multiple cloud storage solutions makes data discovery even tougher.

Do you need to find data across Box, Dropbox, Office365, Amazon, and other cloud locations?

Focus, Focus, Focus

What separates a good data security strategy from a great one? Knowing what’s business-critical (and what’s not) makes all the difference. Our deep learning engine scans your data to identify and protect critical content. We categorize everything from source code to contracts to PII/PHI/PCI and more – no matter where your data is located or which folder it’s in. Want to know how it works?

You Can Have Both

Is data protection and usability a zero-sum game? Your users want total freedom to collaborate. Your security approach has to keep up.

Relying on rules or document permissions managed by end-users isn’t working. Heavy-handed access restrictions and maintenance overhead sink data security. With Semantic Intelligence™, you’ll automate data security without rules, policies, or end-user involvement.

Wondering how it works in the real world?

Risk Reduction is the Goal

No security solution is an island. Policy enforcement, regulatory compliance, and risk monitoring all depend on reliable, up-to-date risk information.

Concentric consolidates risk insights with a content-centric UI that makes remediation a breeze. Update critical security and access parameters from a single, centralized location, or integrate with your existing security architecture. It’s that easy.

How will it work for you?

Good Help is Hard to Find

Security staff in short supply? You’re not alone. Cloud data security automation is the answer.

Our Risk Distance™ analysis technology takes labor and guesswork out of the equation. By comparing security practices for one file to similar data, we can give you security insights without an army of security analysts.

Want to see how it works?

Powerful AI Technologies Simplify and Automate Cloud Data Security

Content-Focused Data Discovery

Our deep learning engine autonomously discovers sensitive cloud content

Continuous Risk Monitoring​

Stay vigilant to prevent cloud data loss and reduce risk exposure

Simple, Low Overhead​

Reduce IT investments and end-user content consultations

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