Company Nurse deploys Concentric for Data Access Governance

I’m proud to announce Company Nurse as Concentric’s newest customer! Company Nurse is a leading provider of COVID-19 health screenings and workplace injury reporting and nurse triage services for employers, and the company’s using our Semantic Intelligence™ solution to protect private workers’ compensation data on behalf of its customers and users. The solution autonomously discovers Company Nurse’s business-critical unstructured data, highlighting opportunities to mitigate data sprawl and reduce threat surfaces.


“We ease the pain of workers’ comp by completing incident reports, providing appropriate care advice to injured workers, managing providers for referral, and more,” said Henry Svendblad, CTO for Company Nurse. “The information on the forms and reports adds up to significant quantities of unstructured data. With Concentric, we can secure this private information without extra staff or overhead. It’s a powerful addition to our cyber security strategy.”


Automated Unstructured Data Security


Semantic Intelligence™ automates unstructured data security using deep learning to categorize data, uncover business criticality and reduce risk. The solution uses the baseline security practices observed for each data category to calculate a “risk distance” from the baseline to each individual form or file managed by Company Nurse. Risk distance reveals inappropriate sharing, risky storage locations and incorrect classifications – all without regex, rules or upfront policy configuration. Concentric works autonomously to reduce staff demands required to secure data, while providing continuous protection.


“Not long after we installed the solution, Semantic Intelligence found duplicate files we didn’t need to maintain and spotted opportunities to tighten up access permissions and improve least-privileges discipline,” continued Svendblad. “With Concentric we’ve solidified our cyber security leadership in the workers’ comp industry. Looking ahead, as customers adopt our new COVID-19 screening and triage program, protecting their private data will be one less thing for them to worry about.”


We’re proud to be a part of the Company Nurse story and we look forward to a long and productive relationship. By helping them find duplicate files and oversharing incidents, we’re addressing tough-to-solve problems that are pervasive across the industry.


I’d love to see how Concentric can help secure your data! Let me give you a demo and I’ll show you how we can help.



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