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Concentric AI vs. Cyera

Benefits Overview

Data Discovery and Categorization

Seamlessly discover and accurately classify sensitive and critical business data across all environments, without predefined rules or regex patterns.

Proactive Data Risk Monitoring

Protect your data and preemptively identify risks and anomalies, ensuring comprehensive security coverage without limitations.

Customer Success and Support

A dedicated team of experts offer regular strategic consultations, ongoing reviews, and a committed partnership in your success initiatives.


Content Comparison

Data Discovery and Categorization
Data Risk Monitoring
Customer Success and Support
Data Stores Support
Miscellaneous Features
Deployment Options
Concentric AI
Leverages advanced AI technology to autonomously discover and categorize sensitive and critical data across any environment, eliminating reliance on traditional rules or patterns.
Delivers a comprehensive set of risk monitoring tools, including detailed risk profiles and proactive anomaly detection to ensure robust data protection.
Committed to exceptional customer success — providing dedicated managers, strategic support, and regular reviews to enhance data protection strategies.
Supports a broad array of data stores, including cloud and on-premises, to ensure comprehensive and seamless data security across all platforms.
Boosts data security capabilities with additional features like audio/video content transcription and support for multiple languages, catering to global business needs.
Offers both SaaS and private cloud deployments, providing flexible options to meet the diverse needs of modern enterprises.
Features automated remediation processes that integrate smoothly with third party labeling systems and can efficiently manage data permissions and policies.
Provides data discovery capabilities that depend more on predefined patterns and rules and lacks customization, potentially limiting effectiveness in complex data environments and increasing setup complexity.
Offers basic risk monitoring features which may not provide comprehensive coverage and may involve lengthy data scans, possibly leaving certain data vulnerabilities unaddressed and affecting real-time threat response.
Does not specify the level of support offered, which might mean less personalized customer service and strategic guidance, compounded by a steep learning curve that could hinder effective implementation.
Focuses on supporting cloud data stores, which may not adequately address the needs of organizations with significant on-premises data and could lead to longer setup times due to lengthy data scans.
Lacks these additional features, which could limit its usefulness for multinational corporations and reflects a lack of customization options to meet diverse needs.
Primarily offers a SaaS solution with no support for private cloud deployments, which may restrict options for organizations; presents a steep learning curve due to limited deployment flexibility.
Has remediation capabilities but are generally more limited and manual, requiring additional resources to manage effectively; lacks the customization needed to fully align with specific organizational policies.

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