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Concentric AI vs. Microsoft Purview

Benefits Overview

Data Discovery and Categorization

Highly accurate AI-based discovery for PII/PHI/PCI and all business-critical data — no matter where it’s stored — without relying on rules or patterns.

Proactive Data Risk Monitoring

Comprehensive suite of risk monitoring features, including risk profiles, access reviews, anomalous activity monitoring and ransomware detection, with no limitations.

Customer Success and Support

An expert team committed to your data protection success, with dedicated managers, regular success calls, bi-annual reviews, and full partnership on strategic initiatives.


Content Comparison

Data Discovery and Categorization
Data Risk Monitoring
Customer Success and Support
Data Stores Support
Concentric AI
Enables agentless scanning and AI-driven categorization without predefined policies. High accuracy for PII/PCI/PHI and business-critical data such as contracts and design documents.
Comprehensive monitoring, including anomaly detection and ransomware with context, enabling proactive incident prevention.
Provides dedicated managers and bi-weekly technical reviews, offering personalized support and strategic partnership.
Extensive support for a variety of data stores including cloud, on-premises, structured, and unstructured data.
Offers auto categorization and classification that integrates with third-party labels like MIP and Google labels. Provides full data lineage to trace data history and transformations.
Includes transcription for audio/video content and supports multiple languages, catering to diverse data types and global businesses.
MS Purview
Relies on pattern-based discovery with limited AI capabilities, resulting in lower accuracy and potentially more false positives or negatives.
Does not offer data risk profiling or access reviews, which may result in slow incident response.
Lacks dedicated customer success support, which may result in a much less customized experience and self-service approach.
Offers limited support for cloud data stores and very limited for email and messaging platforms, potentially missing critical data security coverage.
Falls short in applying classification labels and does not offer permission or entitlement remediation. Lacks automated data management functions, no support for data lineage.
Does not provide these capabilities, potentially leaving non-text data and international data unprotected.

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