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Concentric AI vs. Varonis

Benefits Overview

Data Discovery and Categorization

Seamlessly discover and accurately classify sensitive and critical business data across all environments, leveraging Concentric AI’s advanced AI technology that works without predefined rules or regex patterns.

Proactive Data Risk Monitoring

Protect your data with Concentric AI’s comprehensive suite of monitoring tools that proactively identify risks and anomalies, offering full protection without constraints.

Customer Success and Support

Experience unmatched data protection support through Concentric AI’s dedicated team of experts, providing regular strategic consultations, ongoing reviews, and a committed partnership.


Content Comparison

Data Discovery and Categorization
Data Risk Monitoring
Customer Success and Support
Data Stores Support
Miscellaneous Features
Deployment Options
Concentric AI
Uses advanced AI to autonomously discover and categorize a wide array of sensitive and business-critical data across any environment, fully eliminating reliance on traditional detection methods.
Comprehensive array of monitoring tools, including detailed risk profiles and advanced anomaly detection, ensuring robust and proactive data protection.
Dedicated to exceptional customer success, providing personalized management, strategic support, and regular reviews to boost data protection strategies.
Supports an extensive range of data stores, both in the cloud and on-premises, ensuring comprehensive data protection across all environments.
Upgraded data security offerings with features like transcription of audio/video content and multi-language support, catering to the needs of global enterprises.
Offers both SaaS and private cloud deployments, allowing flexible solutions tailored to the diverse needs of modern enterprises.
Automated remediation processes that seamlessly integrate with third-party systems, efficiently managing data permissions and policies.
Focuses on pattern-based data discovery which may require predefined rules and extensive setup, potentially limiting adaptability in dynamic data environments; deployment and operational complexities can hinder effective data discovery.
Offers solid but basic data risk monitoring that often relies on user-defined rules, which may not be as effective in detecting new or nuanced threats, limiting the responsiveness to emerging risks.
While offering support, can be seen as lacking with a steep learning curve and reliance on external consultants.
Primarily supports structured data stores and may not favor diverse environments; struggles with scalability and functionality across extensive infrastructures.
Limited additional functionalities and integration, especially with major platforms like Office 365; need to rescan when updating regex’s.
Primarily provides agent-based solutions that might restrict deployment flexibility, particularly for organizations looking for agentless options; may have high resource consumption with scalability issues.
Provides capabilities for data remediation, but largely dependent on manual interventions and constrained by the platform’s complexity.

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