Data Discovery and Risk Monitoring

Reduce risk from compromised or careless users without rules, regex or complex policies

Identify Critical Data

Classify Data

Remediate & Protect

Why Concentric

Expert Deep Learning

Content-oriented data discovery finds and categorizes sensitive content

Continuous Risk Monitoring

Stay vigilant to prevent data loss and reduce risk exposure

Simple, Low Overhead

Reduce IT investments and end-user content consultations

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Data Categorization Using Deep Learning

Data Discovery and Classification

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Cloud, Content, Collaboration: Redefining Data Security

Latest numbers show a dramatic shift in challenges to reducing data risk.

solution brief

Data Exposure Monitoring & Protection

Solution Brief highlights Concentric’s unique Semantic Intelligence technology and how it helps reduce data risk, regardless of whether data is on-premises or in the cloud.


Data Oversharing and the Real Risks of Data Loss

Business critical unstructured data plus work from home plus increased collaboration equals higher data risk and greater data loss.