Introducing Concentric MIND

Today I’m pleased to announce the availability of Concentric MIND, the industry’s first deep learning-as-a-service infrastructure that aggregates models from across customer installations for faster, more accurate data categorization and adaptation to industry-specific data types. MIND is a part of our Semantic Intelligence™ solution that’s focused on discovering, categorizing and assessing risk in unstructured data. With MIND, we’re extending our leadership as the industry’s most advanced data protection.

MIND works by continually expanding our library of more than 90 standard data categories with new categories identified by other Semantic Intelligence users. MIND catalogs models associated with these categories and alerts users whenever one of these models – no matter where it came from – fits their data. An accounting firm, for example, can now utilize categories for data that‘s less common outside of the accountancy industry (e.g. financial filings or specialized forms) when they’ve already been identified by other firms. As the backbone of Concentric’s deep learning solution, MIND automatically manages and deploys data models to extend coverage, improve accuracy and reduce risk – all without requiring any content expertise from the IT staff.

I couldn’t be prouder of our Engineering team. We’re all excited to see where these new capabilities take us and building out the best data discover, categorization and risk monitoring capabilities on the market!


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