Content-Centric Access Governance for On-Premises Data


3 Ways to Improve On-Premises Data Security

Complex On-Premises Data Environment?

Sensitive data finds its way into places you might not expect. Discovering personally identifiable or regulated data across dozens of databases and on-premises data stores is crucial for compliance and responsible data security.

Could you benefit from centralized discovery of sensitive content in your on-premises data stores?

Discover Sensitive and Regulated Content

Sensitive data finds its way into databases and on-premises data stores in ways you may not expect. Distributed ownership, dispersed data, and unowned legacy content all contribute to a challenging data discovery environment.

Concentric protects hard-to-find critical content. Our discovery capabilities let you discover PII/PHI/PCI and other sensitive data so you can confidently meet your data security goals.

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Stay On Top of Critical Data

Relying on occasional audits to find and control sensitive content might help you pass a compliance audit. But it won’t spot emerging risks as teams spin up new databases or add content.

With Concentric, you’ll continuously scan on-premises data stores to find at-risk PII/PHI/PCI without waiting for the next audit cycle. We monitor risk in both structured and unstructured data so you can control risk and remediate policy violations.

Do you need to protect both structured and unstructured data?

Powerful AI Technologies Simplify On-Premises Data Security

Autonomous Data Discovery

Our deep learning engine gives you a content-centric perspective.

Risk Remediation

Peer-file analysis continually protects data without overhead or end-user involvement.

Easy on Your Staff

Autonomous expert system reduces the need for hard-to-find security experts

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