User-Centric Data Access Governance

Today I’m pleased to announce the availability of two critical new capabilities for our Semantic Intelligence™ solution. Here’s what we’re introducing:

User360 Data Security

Concentric’s new User360 capability highlights risks associated with specific users to spot overly broad access privileges, inappropriate activity and wrong storage locations. You can think of User360 as a “lens” to view data that’s been discovered and assessed for risk by Semantic Intelligence using our Risk Distance™ analysis capabilities. We already offer 3 lens into your business-critical data: risk focused (view data grouped by high, medium, low or no risk), PII focused (find data containing specific types of PII) and category (we discover data and place it into over 175 thematic categories). User360 lets you clearly see business-critical data accessible by a specific user.

Why might you need a user-centric lens into your data?

  • Investigate suspicious insider activity
  • Promote responsible access management for employees as they change roles or leave the organization
  • Design and implement zero-trust/least-privileges access control strategies
  • Identify specific data accessible by high-privilege accounts

Structured Data Protection

Concentric’s initial solution was built to solve the access governance problem for unstructured data. That’s because the millions of documents, spreadsheets, reports and source code files created and managed by an organization’s users are tough to secure and control. Our Risk Distance™ analysis uses advanced AI technologies to autonomously and accurately discover, categorize and assess data for risk. Our customers found Semantic Intelligence so effective at managing unstructured data risk that they asked us to extend our PII capabilities to their structured data repositories as well.

So we did.

Even though structured data should provide an easy map to PII, that’s not always the case. Most database designs predate modern privacy regulations and, as a result, few databases were designed with privacy and compliance in mind. Sensitive information is often scattered across different databases, in different tables and in different fields. Sometimes PII is duplicated across tables or databases. Finding it all can be tougher than you might think.

Want to learn more? Read more here or get in touch, we’d be thrilled to give you a demo so you can see User360 and our new unstructured data protection capabilities for yourself!





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