Run time: 09:33

Baron Capital

Technical level: Low
Henry Mayorga, CISO at Baron Capital, discusses how his organization uses Concentric for data protection and access governance.
Run time: 36:57

Using AI to Assess Unstructured Data with Concentric

Technical level: Low
Karthik Krishnan talks with Stephen Foskett and Chris Grundemann from Gestalt IT
Run time: 03:21

Introduction to Concentric

Technical level: Low
Concentric’s founders, funders, and customers talk about Concentric’s founding and their unique approach to delivering data security.
Run time: 04:07

Semantic Intelligence Demo: Data discovery using deep learning

Technical level: Medium
Learn how Concentric’s Semantic Intelligence™ solution uses deep learning to discover and categorize data.
Run time: 04:28

Semantic Intelligence Demo: Data Access Governance

Technical level: Medium
Demo of the Semantic Intelligence solution, with a focus on data access governance.
Run time: 03:08

Semantic Intelligence Demo: Assessment of 3rd party risk

Technical level: Medium
Demo of the Semantic Intelligence solution’s ability to find and assess unstructured data risk related to 3rd party sharing.
Run time: 03:42

Semantic Intelligence Demo: Data discovery and classification

Technical level: Medium
See how Semantic Intelligence™ discovers and classifies unstructured data.
Run time: 05:00

Semantic Intelligence™ Overview

Technical level: Medium
This short introduction to Semantic Intelligence outlines how the solution finds business critical data and assesses risk.
Run time: 04:03

MIND Deep Learning as a Service

Technical level: Medium
Learn how MIND identifies more of your data so you can spot risk without complex rules or pattern matching.
Run time: 11:29

AI for Data Security

Technical level: High
Dr. Madhu Shashanka details how deep learning works to classify data and secure data.
Run time: 03:31

Risk Assessment with Semantic Intelligence

Technical level: Medium
Learn how the solution leverages the wisdom of your users to uncover and use implicit policies.
Run time: 07:17

3 Factors in a Work-From-Home Cybersecurity Perfect Storm

Technical level: Low
Karthik discusses why working from home expands the threat surface, and what you can do about it.
Run time: 03:20

Concentric Founding

Technical level: Low
Early corporate video