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Upgrading PHI Data Security for a Fortune 100 Healthcare Firm





Use Case

Personal Health Information Protection

The Challenge

A prominent medical devices manufacturer, known for its extensive involvement in diagnostics, surgery, and medical imaging, was backed up against the data security wall. How can they protect all that confidential data?  

With continuous clinical trials and constant data exchange with hospitals, clinics, and patients, the company had to manage an enormous volume of sensitive information, including PHI and intellectual property. The key concern: protecting the data against privacy breaches, data liability, and potential intellectual property loss. 

The complexity was amplified by the need to comply with diverse and stringent regulations across different countries, such as HIPAA in the United States, GDPR in Europe, and other local data protection laws. 

The company’s data, much of it unstructured, was scattered across various databases and file-sharing platforms, making it difficult to locate and monitor. Protecting critical PHI data effectively was next to impossible.  

The company’s collaboration with hospitals, research institutions, and third-party vendors complicated data security even further, as it extended the data’s exposure to external environments outside its control.  

 The Solution

The company turned to Concentric AI for its mature and accurate processes for identifying PHI. Concentric AI’s approach, which required minimal upfront work, was a key factor in their decision.  

During the proof of concept using the company’s own data, the demonstration showcased two key strengths of Concentric AI: 

Speed and insight: The solution quickly scanned the company’s data, providing insights into different types of PHI data and identifying areas of risk much faster than other alternatives. 

Ease and accuracy: Concentric AI’s results were not only easy to obtain but also highly accurate, eliminating the need for the company to rely on manually written rules and regular expressions. 

The company discovered that their PHI data was more dispersed than anticipated, with instances of unmanaged PII in legacy databases and PHI in unexpected locations due to modern collaboration environments. 

“Our collaboration with Concentric AI has been a game-changer: their solution not only identified the hidden corners of our data landscape but provided us with the tools and insights to protect our sensitive information more seamlessly. The accuracy and efficiency of their system have transformed our approach to data security, making compliance a streamlined process rather than a daunting task. We've moved from a state of constant concern to one of confident control over our PHI data, and that's been invaluable for us.”

CISO at a Fortune 100 Healthcare Firm



With Concentric AI, the medical devices manufacturer achieved significant improvements in their data security posture after the discovery process: 

Effective remediation: The company leveraged Concentric AI’s remediation tools to update permissions and entitlements, disable inappropriate access, and shift towards a least privilege data access governance model. 

Operational efficiency: The solution’s ability to work out of the box without burdening the security staff with rule writing and managing false positives was particularly beneficial for the company. Time spent on data categorization and risk assessment was reduced by approximately 60%, leading to a more efficient allocation of resources and allowing the security team to focus on strategic initiatives. 

Compliance cost savings: The company estimates that the accuracy of compliance with regulations like HIPAA and GDPR improved by 75%, saving them millions annually in potential non-compliance fines and reduced operational costs related to data security management. 

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