Data Security Posture Management Service

Managed DSPM Solution

Effortlessly elevate your data security posture without hiring full-time staff. Concentric AI’s autonomous solution, bolstered by our expert support, provides comprehensive data protection from every angle. 

“We use Concentric to ensure business-critical data isn't shared inappropriately, either internally or outside Nutanix.”
Sebastian Goodwin
VP of Cybersecurity

The Challenge

Operationalizing data security is difficult, even with a full-time security team. From the complexities of diverse data sources and evolving threats to the pressures of compliance and resource constraints, the need for a holistic, autonomous solution has never been greater.  

Modern enterprises are struggling with numerous operationalization challenges, including: 

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Finding and retaining skilled security professionals 

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Lack of clear strategies to lower their risk profiles and protect their reputation.

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Liability concerns for regulations and for inaction 

Benefits Overview

Autonomous, semantic-based data discovery

Autonomous Action

Autonomously discover, categorize, and remediate potential security risks. 

Human Expertise

Human Expertise

Our expert team complements the product, addressing any complex challenges.


24/7 Security Assurance

With Concentric AI, you’re not just getting a product, you’re getting a dedicated security partner

Autonomous Action

With data volumes skyrocketing, it’s no longer feasible to rely solely on manual processes for data security. Concentric AI’s solution stands out by autonomously discovering, categorizing, and remediating potential security risks.  

Powered by advanced algorithms and deep learning, our solution is not only efficient but also incredibly accurate and easy to deploy. By automating data security posture management, organizations can ensure that their data is continuously monitored and protected — no matter where it resides and even as it grows and evolves. 

Human Expertise

While technology offers powerful solutions for data security, the human element will always be irreplaceable, especially when addressing escalating challenges. Concentric AI’s dedicated team of experts complements our autonomous product, bringing years of experience and nuanced understanding to the table. 

This synergy between machine learning efficiency and human expertise tackles the most complex security challenges holistically. Our team is always available and ready to provide expert guidance to reduce customers’ risk profile.

24/7 Security Assurance

As operationalizing data security becomes more complex, boasting a dedicated SOC is incredibly valuable, yet unattainable for many organizations. With Concentric AI, organizations gain all the benefits of their own SOC that continuously monitors, analyzes, and responds to security events.  

Coupled with our team of experts, Concentric AI is like having a dedicated command center, equipped with the latest tools and manned by seasoned professionals. With Concentric AI as your security partner, you can rest easy knowing that your data is protected every second of every day. 


Concentric AI offers a unique blend of autonomous technology and human expertise. Our solution autonomously handles a majority of security tasks, while our dedicated team steps in to address more intricate challenges. This two-pronged approach ensures comprehensive data protection, reducing potential liabilities and providing 24/7 security assurance. 

Concentric AI is designed to control information flows between departments and third parties, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected, regardless of its location — in the cloud, on-premises, structured or unstructuredWhether it’s financial analysis spreadsheets or business forecast reports, Concentric AI’s rule-free Risk Distance analysis engine identifies data at risk across diverse data sources. 

Data classification is essential for effective data security. Concentric AI leverages sophisticated language models and deep learning technologies to autonomously scan and categorize data, eliminating the need for manual classification, rules or regex. Think no upfront work with fast and accurate data discovery. 

Absolutely. Concentric AI is designed to help organizations meet regulatory and security mandates, demonstrate control to auditors, and implement zero-trust access practices. Our solution proactively detects and remediates risks from sharing and access violations, ensuring compliance with numerous privacy regulations. 

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