Data Security Posture Management

Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) Solution

Gain visibility into the who, where, and how of your sensitive data. Automatically remediate and minimize data risk with Concentric AI.

“We use Concentric to ensure business-critical data isn't shared inappropriately, either internally or outside Nutanix.”
Sebastian Goodwin
VP of Cybersecurity
Why Data Security Posture Management and the challenge for organizations

This presents unique challenges to an organization’s data security. Traditional data protection methods like rule writing to discover what data is worth protecting simply doesn’t work in today’s cloud-centric environment.

The Challenge

With cloud, it’s very easy for employees to create, modify and share sensitive content with anyone. However, organizations cannot rely on their employees to ensure that data is shared with the right people at all times.

When it comes to data, modern enterprises are struggling with three key challenges:

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Massive growth in data, often exponentially from year to year

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Massive migration of data to the Cloud

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Diverse types of data (such as intellectual property, financial, business confidential, and regulated PII/PCI/PHI data) in increasingly complex environments


Data security posture management enables organizations to gain a clear view of the where, who and how of their sensitive data: where it is, who has access to it, and how it has been used.

DSPM solutions help address these complex data security challenges by:

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Identifying all the sensitive data in the cloud – from intellectual property to financial to PII/PCI/PHI – without burdening security teams to craft rules or complex policies

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Establishing what data is being shared with whom – internal users / groups or external 3rd parties

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Tracking data lineage as it moves across your environment

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Identifying where the data may be at risk – sensitive data that is not being shared in accordance with corporate security guidelines and where access or activity violations are happening quickly

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Alerting SOC analysts and providing actionable insights

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Remediating those issues as they are happening, such as fixing access control issues and permissions or disabling third party data sharing for a sensitive file that should not be shared

Benefits Overview

Autonomous, semantic-based data discovery

Autonomous, semantic-based data discovery

Automatically discover all your sensitive data without rules or policies

Automated data risk identification and remediation

Automated data risk identification and remediation

Gain a consolidated view into the risk associated with inconsistent access privileges, permissions, activity or location and automatically remediate permissions and sharing issues

Effortless implementation

Effortless implementation

Easily deploy our secure API-based solution with no agents required; Any type of data – structured or unstructured

Autonomous, semantic-based data discovery

Modern cloud solutions and pervasive network connectivity have democratized sharing and collaboration. Yet our reliance on data hasn’t really changed. Online availability combined with unmanaged, sensitive data is a hazardous mix: business-critical data is widely shared, difficult to find, and nearly impossible to secure.

With Concentric’s Semantic Intelligence Solution for Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), security teams can easily identify business and privacy–sensitive content without rules or policies. Semantic based discovery allows enterprises to understand their
data with context.

Automated data risk identification and remediation

As organizations move more and more data into the cloud, every data element can easily be shared with anyone, anywhere. But just as easily, this data can be copied, duplicated, modified and shared. With Concentric AI, security teams can categorize data accurately, assess risk, and remediate security issues, all without relying on upfront rules or complex configuration.

Our Risk Distance™ analysis leverages deep learning to compare each data element with baseline security practices used by similar data to identify risk, also without rules and policies. More importantly, our solution can remediate these access risks as they are happening – whether it’s fixing access control issues or permissions, disabling the sharing of sensitive file with a third party, or blocking an attachment on a messaging service.

Effortless implementation

Traditionally, managing data security can be overwhelming, taking up significant resources in order to be effective. But what if data security can be simplified and automated? With Concentric AI, organizations gain data security without rules, regex, or end-user involvement.

Concentric AI’s agentless, API-based solution provides connectivity to a wide variety of data repositories so security teams can govern access to data wherever it resides. Concentric processes both structured and unstructured data in the cloud or on-premises. Secure the future of work with an agentless platform that is easy to deploy, and capable of delivering value in days without any upfront work required.


Concentric organizes data into thematic categories for analysis and display using powerful deep learning technologies for language analysis. Our process eliminates hard-to-maintain rules and pattern matching.

Concentric’s natural language processing (NLP) capabilities far exceed the pattern or keyword-based techniques of competing approaches. Our NLP can, for example, interpret the meaning of the same word used in different contexts or interpret the meaning of an entire sentence or paragraph.

Concentric’s solution connects to unstructured data storage, structured databases, messaging and email applications, whether it’s cloud or on-premises. This means the solution can discover, categorize and monitor data wherever you’ve stored it.
Risk Distance™ analysis autonomously identifies and remediates inappropriate sharing – including link sharing, sharing with internal or third parties and sharing with personal email addresses. Semantic Intelligence reduces risk and protects data without upfront policies and doesn’t require large teams to operationalize.

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