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Meet Regulatory and Security Mandates for privacy related data with ease.

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The challenge of monitoring and protecting all that confidential data

The Challenge

Enterprises manage millions of documents and dozens of databases every day. Many contain personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data that’s hard to find and protect. Today’s reality is that data loss is a daily occurrence. Breaches can take months to find, while compliance demands are getting harder and harder to meet. 

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With privacy regulations like Europe’s General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) and California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), businesses collecting data about anyone – from customers and patients to employees and website visitors – have new mandates for data transparency and protection, regardless of when it was collected or how it is being used. 

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What’s more, the price of non-compliance can be high: according to the 2022 Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach report, the average cost of a breach is US$4.35M. On average, records containing PII cost enterprises 164 dollars per record.

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The good news: deploying AI security and automation tools reduces the cost of a data breach by US $3.05M.

The importance of data security governance for PII

Solutions and tools that focus on protecting business-critical information leverage data security governance to help organizations discover, mitigate and protect PII data from risk. 

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Those solutions must clearly address the key questions surrounding data risk: where sensitive data resides, whether it is being shared only with authorized parities, and whether it has been shared or accessed appropriately. 

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Ultimately, organizations need fast, accurate and efficient discovery of risk and protection of PII data as well as the ability to efficiently respond to data subject access requests, breach notifications and deletion requests.

Benefits Overview

Autonomous, semantic-based data discovery

Comprehensive PII data discovery and categorization

Know where your PII data resides and how it should be categorized

Automated data risk identification and remediation

Autonomous risk monitoring

Discover how PII/customer data is being used

Effortless implementation

Meet security and privacy mandates and avoid customer data loss

Confidently address right-to-know, right to be forgotten and breach notification requests

Comprehensive PII data discovery and categorization

Companies are having to manage more data than ever before, as cloud migration skyrockets, more employees work from home or hybrid, and corporate Bring Your Own device (BYOD) initiatives proliferate the enterprise. More data means more PII. The Concentric Semantic Intelligence solution uses sophisticated machine learning technologies to autonomously scan and categorize data —  from financial data to PII/PHI/PCI to intellectual property to business confidential information – wherever it is stored.

Our Risk Distance analysis autonomously identifies PII, learns how it’s used, and determines whether it’s at risk. Know where your PII data is across unstructured or structured data repositories, email/ messaging applications, cloud or on-premises – all with semantic context.

Autonomous risk monitoring

For any organization, the ability to continuously monitor data for risk is not only difficult, but time-consuming for IT and security teams. Writing complex rules and deploying policies on-the-fly will no longer suffice. With Concentric, you can autonomously discover how PII/customer data is being used, who it is being shared with, and who accessed it — to quickly and accurately pinpoint risk from inappropriate permissioning, risky sharing, unauthorized access. 

Meet regulatory mandates and avoid customer data loss

Whether you’re a small business or enterprise, managing streams of sensitive data is challenging enough. The challenge is made more difficult when regulatory mandates are added to the mix. Breach notification, right-to-know and right-to-be forgotten requests are becoming more commonplace for many industries, and organizations must be diligent about protecting all the confidential data they store.

Concentric helps you meet regulatory and security mandates, demonstrate control to auditors and implement zero–trust access practices. Plus, our solution’s easy, autonomous remediation fixes access issues and reduces odds of data loss or governance violation. 


We connect to on-premises unstructured data storage, structured databases and cloud repositories as well as messaging and email applications. That means we can find PII wherever you’ve stored it.

Concentric can help classify all PII data with context. In addition, the solution can check each data’s classification and compare it to similar peer data. We can identify un-classified and mis-classified data without needing manually maintained rules or policies.

Our Risk Distance™ analysis autonomously compares data to its peers and instantly detects inappropriate permissions, inaccurate entitlements, risky sharing and unauthorized access without any upfront rules or policies. The solution also remediates these issues to reduce odds of data loss or governance violation. 

We discover PII data, identify how it’s used and continually assess it for risk. Our results help you respond to data access audits and data subject access requests (DSAR). The solution also proactively detects and remediates risk from sharing and access violations to prevent data loss and ensure compliance with various privacy regulations. 

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