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Autonomous Data Discovery

Concentric Semantic Intelligence solution uses sophisticated machine learning technologies to autonomously scan and categorize data. Our solution discovers and categorizes all your data, from financial data to PII/PHI/PCI to intellectual property to business confidential information. With the MIND™ deep learning-as-a-service capability, you will always have the latest AI models for fast, accurate discovery and categorization.

Data Risk Identification

Concentric Risk Distance analysis engine comprehensively identifies data that may be at risk due to various factors: inappropriate classification, inaccurate permissions, unauthorized access and entitlements, link sharing, sharing with third parties, personal email addresses, or risky sharing within your company. With our robust data access governance, your organization will know where your business-critical content is, who has access to it, and whether it has been shared or accessed inappropriately.

Centralized Remediation

Concentric helps enterprises remediate at-risk data by fixing permissions, changing entitlements, disabling access, applying correct classification or moving data to the right location. With Concentric, you can meet access and activity governance regulations, demonstrate control to auditors, and implement zero–trust access practices and prevent data loss. Our advanced deep learning capabilities go beyond rules, pattern matching or folder-based controls to protect against careless sharing, compromised users, or insider threats.

Easy Deployment

With Concentric, organizations gain data security without rules, regex, or end-user involvement. Concentric AI’s agentless, API-based solution provides connectivity to a wide variety of data repositories so you can govern access to data wherever it resides. Our solution processes both structured and unstructured data in the cloud or on-premises and delivers value in days — without any upfront work required.

What We Do


Data Security
Posture Management

Identify critical data and assess data security posture


Classify business-critical content

Data Classification

Classify business-critical content

Privacy Data Protection

Protect sensitive and regulated data

Data Access Governance

Prevent overpermissioning

Data Access Governance

Prevent overpermissioning

Our Customers

Sreeni Kancharla


"Concentric gives us a critical layer of data security intelligence on top of the data protection solutions we already use."

Sebastian Goodwin

VP of Cybersecurity

"We use Concentric to ensure business-critical data isn't shared inappropriately, either internally or outside Nutanix."

Henry Svendblad


"Concentric helps us understand and secure data without needing to be content experts."

VP, Information Security

Oil & Gas

"Concentric AI helps us discover and protect our ITAR classified data with ease."

Henry Mayorga

CISO and VP of Infrastructure

"With Concentric, we've been able to control and understand data in legacy systems as well as Office 365, OneDrive, and Azure."


F1000 Healthcare

"Concentric AI helps simplify data security and governance around our Box and Windows file shares with less than half a person on my team. The level of autonomy around data discovery, risk monitoring and loss prevention is nothing short of magic."

Director, Cybersecurity & Trust

Software Company

"Concentric helps enforce data classification at scale on our GDrive environment and monitor/ protect against data loss."

Dean Holness

Principal Architect

“Concentric Semantic Intelligence is a central element of our data security strategy. As a financial institution, we have obligations to protect our customer’s most sensitive information. Concentric AI and Snowflake provide the insights we need to discover, assess, and correct security concerns so we can do everything possible to harden our data security posture."

Our Advantages

We protect our customers with an agentless and easy to deploy platform that can work across unstructured and structured data without requiring large security teams.

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