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Cloud Data Loss Prevention

Cloud DLP Solution

Gain visibility about your sensitive data: where it resides, who has access, and how it’s being used. Concentric AI automatically identifies risk, remediates and prevents data loss  

“We use Concentric to ensure business-critical data isn't shared inappropriately, either internally or outside Nutanix.”
Sebastian Goodwin
VP of Cybersecurity

The Challenge

Cloud-based data is everywhere: Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, application hosting, data storage services, collaboration apps, webmail, video conferencing… the list is endless. 

These cloud-based services store and process massive amounts of confidential data. It’s not uncommon for an organization to have 30 versions of a contract in 5 different data depositories in 15 different locations.

When it comes to data, modern enterprises are struggling with three key challenges:

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Massive migration of data to the Cloud 

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Exponential growth in cloud data

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Diverse types of data (such as intellectual property, financial, business confidential, and regulated PII/PCI/PHI data) in increasingly complex cloud environments

Why Cloud DLP

Cloud DLP empowers organizations with consistent data security and management tools for their SaaS and IaaS resources. The goal is keeping an organization’s sensitive data safe from cyber-attacks, insider threats and accidental exposure. 

Cloud DLP solutions help address these complex data security challenges by: 

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Increasing data security by preventing data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information. 

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Ensuring, improving and maintaining regulatory or privacy compliance 

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Reducing risk of data leaks 

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Improving efficiency by automating the process of identifying and protecting sensitive data, reducing the time and resources required to manually review and classify data. 

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Increasing cost savings with reduced costs associated with responding to and recovering from such incidents.  

Benefits Overview

Autonomous, semantic-based data discovery

Autonomous, semantic-based data discovery

Effortlessly and automatically identify all your sensitive data without the hassle of creating and managing rules or policies 

Automated data risk identification and remediation

Automated data risk identification and remediation

Gain a clear picture of the security risks associated with different access rights, permissions, activities, or locations

Effortless implementation

Effortless implementation

Our secure API-based solution can be deployed easily, processing structured and unstructured data across structured and unstructured data repositories without the need for agents 

Autonomous, semantic-based data discovery

 The modern workplace is no longer defined by physical boundaries; today it’s all about cloud and pervasive network connectivity. Sensitive data is often shared without proper oversight or control, making it difficult to find when needed – let alone protect it from unauthorized access or misuse.

Businesses need a way to ensure their sensitive information remains safe even as they take advantage of all that cloud technology offers them in terms of collaboration opportunities.  

Concentric’s Semantic Intelligence Solution for Cloud DLP enables security teams to easily identify business-critical content without having any rules or policies in place beforehand. By leveraging semantic based discovery techniques, businesses can gain valuable context surrounding their data.  

Automated data risk identification and remediation

Digital transformation and cloud adoption continues to accelerate. While this makes it easier for users to share and access information from anywhere, it also creates new security risks. Data can be easily copied, modified or shared with unauthorized third parties without any oversight or control from the security team.   

Concentric AI understands that traditional rules-based solutions cannot always solve these security issues; they require a more dynamic approach that considers each individual data element’s risk profile — in real-time. Our Risk Distance™ analysis engine leverages advanced deep learning technology which compares each data element against baseline security practices used by similar datasets. Organizations can identify potential threats before they become serious problems.  

Effortless implementation

Managing data security can be an overwhelming task that takes up significant resources in order to be effective. 

Concentric AI provides organizations with an agentless, API-based solution designed for secure access to data wherever it resides – cloud or on-premises, structured or unstructured. With Concentric AI, you don’t need rules and regex; no end user involvement is required. This makes it incredibly easy and fast to deploy with value delivered within days without any upfront or ongoing work required from your teams. 

Organizations using Concentric AI benefit from its scalability as well as its ability to quickly adapt across different environments. Secure the future of work with an agentless platform that is easy to deploy, and capable of delivering value in days without any upfront work required. 


Concentric organizes data into thematic categories for analysis and display using powerful deep learning technologies for language analysis. Our process eliminates hard-to-maintain rules and pattern matching.  

Concentric’s solution connects to all types of cloud data: unstructured data storage, structured databases, and messaging and email applications. This means the solution can discover, categorize and monitor data wherever you’ve stored it. 

Risk Distance™ analysis autonomously identifies and remediates inappropriate sharing – including link sharing, sharing with internal or third parties and sharing with personal email addresses. Semantic Intelligence reduces risk and protects data without upfront policies and doesn’t require large teams to operationalize. 

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