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Elevate Your Data Security Posture with Concentric AI’s Managed DSPM Solution

October 30, 2023
Cyrus Tehrani
4 min read

As cloud migration and digital transformation continue influencing IT operations, data is everywhere, and threats are evolving at an alarming rate. As a result, organizations are grappling with the monumental challenge of protecting all that data.

For businesses of all types, industries, and sizes, operationalizing data security is no longer a simple IT task, and can’t be solved with one tool or solution. It’s a strategic imperative that impacts every level of an organization.

The Never-ending Challenges of Data Security

Data security has evolved into a complex, multifaceted challenge that extends beyond the traditional boundaries of IT and permeates every department within an organization. Digital transformation, for its part, has only raised the degree of difficulty for protecting data.

Organizations are tasked with protecting data from external threats and ensuring that internal processes, access governance, and data management are robust and compliant with a myriad of regulations.

Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, the financial demands of implementing and maintaining robust security measures without — or with little — security expertise can be overwhelming. Plus, the need to classify data accurately, manage access carefully, and ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations adds additional layers of complexity and risk.

While one solution alone do everything to tackle operationalization, there is a way for businesses to leverage the best of technology and human element without straining the budget.

Why Concentric AI for Data Protection?

Concentric AI’s managed Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) solution represents a combination of autonomous technology and expert human intervention, designed to elevate your data security effortlessly and comprehensively.

Concentric AI offers a unique blend of autonomous technology and human expertise. Our solution autonomously handles a majority of security tasks, while our dedicated team steps in to address more intricate challenges. This two-pronged approach ensures comprehensive 24/7 data protection, which means potential liabilities are drastically reduced.

First, effective data security is only possible with the ability to classify sensitive data. Concentric AI leverages sophisticated language models and deep learning technologies to autonomously scan and categorize data, eliminating the need for manual classification, rules or regex. That means no upfront work with fast and accurate data discovery.

Despite the challenge of managing and protecting such diverse data sources, Concentric AI is designed to control information flows between departments and third parties. This means that sensitive data remains protected, regardless of its location — in the cloud, on-premises, structured or unstructured. Whether it’s financial analysis spreadsheets or business forecast reports, Concentric AI’s rule-free Risk Distance analysis engine identifies data at risk no matter where it’s stored.

Last but certainly not least, Concentric AI is designed to help organizations meet regulatory and security mandates, demonstrate control to auditors, and implement zero-trust access practices. Our solution proactively detects and remediates risks from sharing and access violations, ensuring compliance with numerous privacy regulations.

Concentric AI’s Managed DSPM: Key benefits

Autonomous Action: With data volumes skyrocketing, relying solely on manual processes for data security is no longer feasible. Concentric AI’s solution autonomously discovers, categorizes, and remediates potential security risks — protecting data regardless of its location or data type. Our advanced algorithms and deep learning technologies boost data security posture with incredible accuracy and can be easily deployed.

Human Expertise: The human element in data security is irreplaceable, especially when it comes to addressing complex and escalating challenges. Concentric AI’s dedicated team of experts brings years of experience and a nuanced understanding of the data security landscape, complementing our autonomous solution. This synergy between machine learning efficiency and human expertise ensures organizations are equipped to tackle the most complex security challenges holistically, with our team always available to provide expert guidance and support.

Reduced Liability: With new regulations emerging frequently, organizations face not only the threat of data breaches but the potential regulatory liabilities associated with them. Concentric AI’s combined product and service approach empowers organizations to act with confidence, ensuring they adhere to the latest regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance. By proactively identifying and addressing potential security risks, organizations can significantly reduce their liability exposure — protecting their reputation and financial well-being.

A Virtual SOC: As operationalizing data security becomes increasingly complex, having a dedicated SOC is incredibly valuable, yet often unattainable for many organizations. With Concentric AI, organizations gain all the benefits of their own SOC that continuously monitors, analyzes, and responds to security events. Coupled with our team of experts, Concentric AI is like having a dedicated command center, equipped with the latest tools and manned by seasoned professionals, ensuring that your data is protected every second of every day.

Want to see firsthand — with your own data — how you can quickly and easily deploy Concentric AI’s solution to leverage the power of AI for data protection? Book a demo today and experience the freedom of protecting your data without rules, regex, or end-user involvement, and the peace of mind knowing you have a team of data security experts to back you up.


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