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How Concentric AI helps you with CFTC 1.31 Compliance

July 5, 2023
Cyrus Tehrani
2 min read

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Rule 1.31(c-d) is a U.S. federal regulation that oversees how records are retained in the commodity futures, options markets, and swaps market.

The rule, revised in 2017, states that electronic records must be maintained for five years and be readily accessible for inspection by the Commission or the U.S. Department of Justice during the entire retention period. With the revision, the rule is more technology-neutral and allows regulated entities to choose the most appropriate technology for their business while maintaining security measures to ensure the reliability of the record-keeping process.

The revised rule removes the requirement that organizations maintain the original records for two years but retains the five-year maintenance period.

How Concentric AI helps you with CFTC 1.31 Compliance

Concentric AI provides a comprehensive solution that can significantly assist you in adhering to stringent record-keeping rules like CFTC 1.31. Concentric leverages advanced machine learning to autonomously scan, categorize, and monitor data. This functionality aligns well with the requirements of many record-keeping regulations, as it provides clear visibility into where your sensitive data resides, how it should be categorized, and how it is being used, shared, or accessed.

This level of insight is critical for maintaining compliance with record-keeping rules and mitigating the risk of data breaches.

Concentric AI’s autonomous risk monitoring and remediation features can also help you proactively address potential compliance issues. Concentric identifies risks from inappropriate permissioning, risky sharing, and unauthorized access — then autonomously remediates these issues to reduce the odds of data loss or governance violation. Our proactive approach to data management and protection can help you confidently meet regulatory mandates, respond to data access audits and data subject access requests, and also prevent data loss.

More than just compliance

Our customers are successfully using our product in production for petabytes of data for:

Book a demo today to see firsthand — with your own data — how Concentric’s solution can quickly and easily be deployed to keep up with record-keeping rules like CFTC 1.31 in your organization.


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