Identify and Remediate Data Risk with Concentric Risk Distance™

November 18, 2022
Karthik Krishnan
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With massive data and cloud migration growth, collaboration and sharing have never been easier. This ease of access has enabled data-driven organizations to offer remote and hybrid work, BYOD, and other modern workplace trends. On the other hand, managing access to all this data presents a significant hurdle — organizations must be diligent about protecting it.

The challenge of managing data risk

For example, data discovery and risk assessments are becoming even more difficult. Controlling information flows between departments and third parties is essential to meet regulatory mandates and protect sensitive data from disclosure or a data breach.

Adding to the complexity, sensitive data is often embedded in hard-to-find and hard-to-manage places like financial analysis spreadsheets or business forecast reports.

For IT professionals, protecting millions of disparate files stored across a sprawl of data storage options is a daunting task. Typically, available tools are inaccurate and labor-intensive, and fail to reliably identify business-critical files, assess risk or provide insight into urgency.

What is Risk Distance™?

Using deep learning, Concentric AI can address the three key components regarding data risk: identification, classification, and remediation. Our Semantic Intelligence solution’s Risk Distance capabilities not only provide visibility into risk, but autonomously fix any issues found.

Our Risk Distance™ leverages advanced deep learning technology (a type of artificial intelligence) to find at-risk data by comparing each file to its peers. With these peer file comparisons, security professionals gain the highly targeted and actionable guidance they need to finally — and for the first time — secure their business-critical unstructured data.

The Risk Distance analysis engine comprehensively identifies data that may be at risk from inappropriate classification, permissions, entitlements and sharing — including link sharing, sharing with third parties, personal email addresses, or risky sharing within your company.

Less data risk, improved productivity, no hard-coded rules

With Risk Distance analysis, organizations gain visibility into the policies users have adopted, identify which files are at risk compared to their peers, and even enforce zero-trust practices in ways that don’t impede productivity.

The best part is, it works without hard-to-maintain rules or complex configurations. With Risk Distance’s pioneering ability to identify business criticality, unusual security configurations (e.g. file sharing or classification) and anomalous activities (e.g. file movement or management), security professionals benefit from accurate, actionable unstructured data security at scale.

Our solution enables security teams to focus on urgent data security issues without having to assess thousands of unimportant files.

Finally, security teams can:
Discover all types of data risk, from permission errors to misclassification to activity to location
Eliminate complex, rule-based tools with an autonomous system that taps into the collective wisdom of file owners

Addressing data access governance

Concentric’s Semantic Intelligence Data Access Governance solution addresses unmet unstructured data security needs using the latest innovations in AI technology. Semantic Intelligence applies the industry’s first zero trust protection for unstructured data without additional staff or end-user involvement.

Semantic Intelligence is the only data access governance solution capable of giving security professionals the concise, actionable information they need by identifying the intersection of risk, business criticality and urgency. Offering more than 175 thematic data categories, Semantic Intelligence offers the industry’s best autonomous data categorization capability, which is the key to effective risk management. Offered as an easy-to-deploy SaaS platform, Semantic Intelligence needs no agents, upfront configuration or rules development, and delivers value in days instead of weeks or months for traditional solutions.

“Prior to Concentric, the industry had no way to find file-based and activity-based risk without writing complex rules or implementing cumbersome end-user classification programs,” said Karthik Krishnan, Concentric CEO. “Now, important progress in deep learning research – commercialized by Concentric – has created a simpler method. We’ve built the first comprehensive solution to the problem of access management for large bodies of unstructured data, and we apply zero trust protection.”

Concentric AI was founded to address the industry’s continued challenges with unstructured data security threats. Our solution can autonomously identify and protect business-critical data risk created by a wide variety of internal and external factors.

Contact us today to see firsthand — with your own data — how Concentric’s solution can quickly and easily be deployed to manage data risk in your organization.


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